We’ve noticed it ourselves with a massive surge in younger female customers buying bits for their older VWs. But recent research proves that classic cars really are no longer the preserve of older men in oily overalls…

A study by classic car insurers Footman James revealed that in the past two years, the number of female classic car owners has risen by a staggering 40%, with female drivers now accounting for 11% of the market. To be honest, given the sheer number of female Volkswagen owners spotted at shows, their findings come as no big surprise – in fact, we would have thought the proportion of women drivers might be more. But there’s some other interesting data to come out of their research…

For instance, the company’s survey showed that one in four women would now consider buying a classic car and the average age of female classic car owners has fallen to 52 years of age, expelling the myth that classic cars are purely a middle-aged man’s indulgence.

Women tend to spend less on their cars, though. Footman James found on average men shell out £1700 each year on maintenance, while women fork out £1500. From personal experience, though, we reckon such figures should be taken with more than a pinch of salt. After all, who really tells the truth when it comes to fessing up precisely how much they lavish on their pride and joy?

Whatever the facts, their motives are much more noble. When buying a car 21% of women said they were motivated by nostalgia rather than an investment opportunity. Only 17% of the women interviewed said they would be interested in buying an older car in order to make a decent return. Interestingly, neither groups of men – or women – in the Footman James survey picked out the Mk1 Golf GTI as one of the top five classic cars that have seen the biggest increases in value this year from a list of 1,000 cars. The Golf was rubbing shoulders with some auspicious other metal at the top of the charts, including the Lamborghini Muira, Land Rover Defender, Fiat Dino and Peugeot 205 GTI.

Volkswagen appears as one of Footman James’s top classic makes owned by women. And the city with the highest number of female classic car owners? Birmingham, apparently. We’re proud to announce our neighbouring city (5 mins from VW Heritage HQ) Brighton, featured in the top five places to find the most classic-car loving ladies.

Of course the most important question here remains unanswered. Precisely why are more women are being drawn to older cars? Well, maybe that’s a bit too obvious – they’re just so much cooler than modern cars…


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