We are incredibly lucky to have such loyal customers at Heritage Parts Centre and none more so than local VW enthusiast come entrepreneur Kate Kingshott.  Already the proud owner of a ’67 Beetle, it was at Beach Buggin’ in 2016 that Kate had a brainwave, and a realised she had a certain camper shaped itch to scratch, or should we say tickle!

Having spent the day telling people that she didn’t do weddings, cogs started turning “I lived with my Grandmother who made wedding cakes when I was younger – I grew up going to wedding fayres, and even did work experience and modelled dresses for a local wedding shop. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out!”

Rupert the Wedding Bus was the result. A big brother for her Bug, and more importantly the start of a new business venture: Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings. A fitting tribute to Joy, her Grandmother who passed away last year.

Now, Bay Window Wedding Cars aren’t uncommon, but Rupert is a Type 2 with a few tricks up his sleeve. Not only does he transport newlyweds in classic comfort, but he transforms into a vintage photo booth at the drop of a hat, providing a source of entertainment, and instant memory maker for all who use him.  As buses go Kate’s 1970 tin top Bay is a peach, and along with partner Jack, and Jack’s Mum Angie, they have put a lot of effort into creating the style that they wanted. “It was blue when we bought it” Kate tells us, “but the plan all along was to paint it Lotus White to match Mr Tickle.

The Baywindow interior has had a bit of a rework transforming it from practical campervan, to perfect wedding carriage. The corner seating arrangement ideal for both brides with big dresses, and party goers posing for photos. The seats in the front have been swapped to traditional low backs in cream leatherette with contrasting blue piping, much more in keeping than the bucket seats that were previously installed. The dashboard has been treated to a coat of body colour, which works well against the black details of the dials and original type 2 steering wheel.

Trinkets make all the difference when it comes to this vintage style. Be it bunting, carved wood, personalised pillows or lace and floral curtains, it’s these extra special touches that Kate and Angie have gone to town on. If you are looking for a Bus (or a Bug) for your big day, then perhaps Rupert and Mr Tickle are for you!

As we wrap things up Kate tells us “I’d like to buy another bus, and call it Joy…” We look forward to sharing that story with you too.


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