Heretics August Meet

As our monthly enthusiast meets go, they don’t get much better than that! Having been subjected to heavy rain for a few days prior we were sceptical as to if the sun would make an appearance at all. We needn’t have worried though, as come the afternoon the dark clouds disappeared. It was quite the opposite of the miserable wet morning we had experienced.

In the red corner…

From the moment we arranged to host Florian Kalff and his mind boggling Barndoor Samba on its first public appearance in the UK, we knew things were going to get interesting. Telling a story that couldn’t be made up, this bus was found in a meadow, and considered to be an ‘environmental problem’. It was offered to a local VW fan for free, but upon discovery of the chassis plate, Florian was contacted and identified it as built in August 1951. He promptly purchased it!

A van with a plan

Florian didn’t just drive here for our event, he was en-route to deliver the bus for restoration. Don’t panic though, it will be highly sympathetic, and retain as much of the original metal and paintwork as possible. It won’t be a show queen in the traditional sense, but will retain its soul, and character, still look like it has been pulled out of a field after half a century.

Second sign of a good time

We were over the moon to welcome DJ Carl Cox to our Heretic’s meet in August.  A die-hard car enthusiast, who happens to live locally. Carl came along with a friend in their Porsches. Having heard about Heretics on Facebook they were keen to check us out… No he didn’t play a set, we left that job to Kenny on this occasion.

Thanks to you all

We’ve got one more meet this year before we call it a day until the spring. We’d like to thank everyone who has come along and supported this event in 2018. Every month we have said to each other “that was one of the best” and that’s down to you, and the cars that you bring.

We hope to see you again on 20th September for the ‘closing party’…


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  1. Did Florian actually drive there in his Samba? I remember being pulled over in Lewes in the seventies for having a slightly blowing exhaust on my otherwise pristine 411!

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