Meet Kees Deacon, a family man, a Porsche sales person by day, and owner of this immaculate Mk3 Golf VR6. After selling his ’88 911 Supersport seven years ago there was space in the garage for something that would fit the kids in, and this answered the call.

Pros and Air cons…

“I stupidly sold the 911 just before the prices rocketed” Kees tells me “I’ve even sold that car on again, through my work at Paragon Porsche, for more than double what I let it go for” but Kees isn’t too bitter about it. He’s still hit the jackpot with this Mk3 “it’s less precious, fits the kids in, and has Aircon too.”

Small World

After Kees responded to my request on Facebook to photograph vehicles, it turned out we had more in common than first thought. Not only did he go to school with a friend and ex-colleague, but also more recently supplied a car to Lee our photographer. On top of that, he knew Alex the owner of the grey 356 that we shot that morning and a chap who was there finalising arrangements for his upcoming wedding at Hendall Manor Barns!

The car in question

The car is 1997 Mk3 Golf VR6 finished in Dragon Green “It’s basically Highline spec” Kees says “The original owner pretty much ordered everything – metallic paint, climate control, full leather plus loads of dealer fitted accessories – 10 disc cd changer, first aid kit, red triangle, steering wheel lock the lot, even a spare set of carpet mats which are still in their packaging. It was initially bought as a present, I’ve even got photos of it from the day Volkswagen did the Pre-Delivery inspection”.

70,000 miles in…

“I’d say the car is 10% better now than when I bought it” said Kees. “I found it on Piston Heads, and bought it from the 2nd owner. It has covered just over 70k miles, got full VW service history virtually all at the supplying main dealer, along with every bill and receipt, and has always been kept in the garage – and it never goes out in the rain” This is reflected in the paint and the overall cleanliness of the car, including the engine bay which looks brand new!

No longer an ugly duckling

Both Kees and I own Mk3 Golfs and we share the opinion that the Mk3 has aged well. “It’s small in comparison to a new Golf, and is pretty fun in the corners too” Kees offers, and I completely agree.  I wouldn’t have bought one 20 years ago, but today I really rate it as a practical daily driver, plus it’s got a bit of retro charm.

It would be nice if it made more noise!

The only downside to the complete originality of the vehicle, is that the glorious V6 engine note is hidden behind the standard VW exhaust and stock air filter. As Kees manoeuvres the car into place the tone that so many love is a little lacking and crying out for a sports silencer and induction kit!

Bringing enthusiasts together

“I met the original owner at one of your Heretics meets as it happens. He was there, and introduced himself, and explained his connection with the car”. It’s funny how these things turn out.

If you’re tempted by the Mk3 Golf, as a practical, family friendly modern classic, then be sure to read our Buyers Guide before parting with your cash.

Our thanks again to Peter and Nicola at Hendall Manor Barns for letting us use their glorious venue, to take these photos.


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  1. I’m I’m South Africa,how can I get hold of this man. I really like and want a car like this. I can fly to wherever he is.

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