Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage: Jan '19

It was our first time at the Sunday Scramble, held at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire on Sunday, but we’re doubtful it will be our last.

An eclectic mix of classic and modern metal from every manufacturer and era you could imagine. A swarm of VW Beetles covering all style bases. Mk1 and Mk2 Golfs, Sciroccos, Corrados and Bay and Splitscreen buses too. All on top of 200mph Supercars rubbing shoulders with veteran and vintage machines from the golden age of motoring, set in the grounds of this former WW2 RAF bomber base.

There was a huge representation from car clubs, and every available space had a cherished vehicle parked up just waiting to steal your attention from the last one.

We could waffle on, but we won’t: we know you only came for the pics….

In the red corner…

As the home of Porsche Classic Life, there were a number of ‘official vehicles’ on display – not to mention countless examples brought along for the morning by enthusiasts.

First Outing For This Volksrod

The owner told us this had been in the making for 5 years, and whilst it arrived on a trailer and doesn’t yet run, it certainly drew a crowd -Hopefully, it’ll be on display at Volksworld in March!

Split Personality

This smart looking Splitscreen bus just sat on the grass, watching the world go by – and why wouldn’t you.

Yellow Fever

It may have been a chilly January morning, but the selection of citrus coloured cars on display gave a hint of springtime sunshine to the Scramble.

#Sideshot Sunday

It’s great to see youngsters getting so enthused about the cars we grew up with idolising. This photo sums up the excitement perfectly!

Real Oldtimers

Check out these beauties. It’s not often you attend an event and see cars like these and an F40 on the same day!

Where to look next…

Chatting cars

Catching up with friends and making new ones, that’s what this is all about.

And there’s more…

Last batch!

It seems a shame to whittle down the 1500 or so pictures that we snapped, but we have. If we’ve posted a pic of your car get in touch, and we’ll happily send you the hi-res file.

So, this is a great event… check out details of the next one here.

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  1. Excellent write up of the Sunday Scramble! Any chance of the high res file of the pic you’ve used for the header of the line of bugs including Herbie as they are all our club cars (mine’s the dark grey 63). Cheers

  2. Any chance you got any pictures of a green Corrado and a MK1 Caddy Parked next to eachorher? They belong to me and my good friend. Would be awesome if you had some pictures of them

  3. A great event with some excellent shots. A real cool chilled out event. Any chance of the hd file of my Karmann Ghia. Cheers and see you at the next one.

  4. Thanks for an enjoyable read. The blue Golf Rallye is mine. Looking forward to finding the last couple of missing pieces, hopefully you’ll have them in stock soon!

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