London Classic Car Show 2019

Held on the 14th-17th February, the London Classic Car show promises a lot on paper, dubbing itself as “A Celebration of the world’s greatest classic cars.”

Andy and (Lee our photographer) jumped in the car, set their compass for the Excel and went to find out more.

Cars for sale

The first display we were greeted by was the COYS auction. Packed in like sardines were more cherished cars than you could wave a gavel at! In fact, the show felt like a massive forecourt for classic car dealers around the UK. If you had money burning a hole in your pocket, you were in luck!

Lots more Porsches…

Car clubs

We had a good chat with our friends from the Karmann Ghia owners club who had a beautiful selection of vehicles on display.

Porsche Club GB

One of the stars of the show for us was this 550, chassis number 20, on the Porsche Club GB stand.


We caught up with old friends Paul and Mark at Type 2 Detectives and took at closer look at their original paint Deluxe Split project that they had just finished.”I’m so glad you said finished” Paul told us “We’ve had ‘when are you gonna paint it questions’ all morning!”

The Italian Job: Octane Tribute

Whilst not exactly what we went to see, I got a little excited by the trio of Mini’s and the iconic coach with ramps hanging out the back over on the Octane Magazine stand. ‘Also’ on the display was an E type, Aston Martin and Lamborghini Muira, not to mention the gold bullion truck they robbed – all original stars of the film.

Grand Avenue…

Unlike many events which are simply ‘park and pose,’ the London Classic Car Show has ‘Grand Avenue’ which gives visitors an opportunity to see an array of classics actually being driven. When not in motion the vehicle storage area is opened up offering another hall full of eclectic classics to explore.

Another familiar face at the Excel was Andrew from Gmund Cars. Based in North Yorkshire they specialise in both VW and Porsche sales and also undertake restoration work.

and some more…

So, to summarise there were some lovely cars and the ‘Grand Avenue’ feature is a nice touch. If you went with the view to buying, it was perfect. There’s plenty to keep the camera lens happy, but it is a fair bit smaller than its NEC equivalent making it a day out rather than a weekend away.


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