Teenage Dream: Patrick’s Beetle

Fortunately for the future of the aircooled VW scene, there are still youngsters interested in getting behind the wheel of a bug or bus as their first car. We met up with Heritage customer Patrick Sherlock, to check out his inaugural set of wheels, that he’s owned since he was 15.

Cheap and cool…

Patrick was initially attracted to the Beetle because of cheap insurance premiums and of course, it well and truly ticks the cool box. With the help of his Dad, his 1969 Beetle project became this stunning blue reality – in their garage at home, paint and all!

A year in the making

The body was taken off, and the necessary welding was taken care of by his dad. Patrick was tasked with the mechanical overhaul including assembling the 1300cc single port engine. “I’m building a 1776cc on twin IDF webers for it now” Patrick tells me.

Down we go

Monroe air lift front shocks now assist with an adjustable ride height, having previously torn the frame head on an mischevious manhole cover, when running static. Patrick finds air-ride is well suited for getting around the Sussex and Surrey roads and dropping it over the Porsche 914 wheels for effect wherever possible.

The colour blue…

Complementing the abandoned fuel pumps perfectly is the Porsche Mexico Blue colour scheme that Patrick applied himself. Originally the car was a much darker shade, but this version really pops in the sunlight. Good choice Patrick!

Yellow Fever

Adding to the retro custom concoction that’s sitting in front of us is a quartet of yellow tinted lamps which adorn the front of Patrick’s Type 1. They don’t work on everything, but they are right at home here.

Seeing double

Mid-shoot a van pulls onto the garage forecourt, and we brace ourselves for a “you can’t be doing that here” from a stuck up security guard.

Our luck is in though, as not only is it a fellow Beetle owner admiring Patrick’s car; I know the guy – in fact, we share a barn! Bash (as he’s known to his friends) also owns a late, light blue bug, rolling on 914 wheels! “I thought it was mine for a second” he laughed!

Supercar Seats

The interior of Patrick’s Beetle is a lovely place to be, thanks in large to the sports seats bolted in the front to hold you secure and comfortable. I can’t say where they are from but they were a good find! Patrick has wisely chosen to have the rear bench trimmed in Alcantara to tie it all together.

More is More!

The large tacho mounted under the dash used to call a Porsche home and the polished leather clad sports steering wheel looks great with the chrome dash and speedo trim.

There is lots going on – but it all works together. A wire basket acts as a period look centre console, with a trio of dials sitting directly above, and we’ve not even got round to the RetroSounds stereo which blends perfectly in with the painted metal dash. With Patrick’s car, more is more!


Despite his youth, Patrick who is 21 now has taken his car to many UK shows and even made the pilgrimage to Le Bug Show held at Spa Francorchamps race circuit in Belgium.  Naturally he partook in the legendary circuit parade, an experience he’ll never forget, and it’s a show he’s keen to get back too.

What’s next…

Patrick explains “My parents have got a Bay Window that’s needs doing up, and I’ve bought a Tomato Red GT Beetle to restore too. I’ll do the GT to sell I think, then I can afford to do more to this one.”


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  1. Hi Andy 🤗 it’s Paul here owner of “Mutley” Red Beetle who you featured on your last #FRONTENDFRIDAY pic (thanks mate 👍🏼)
    Anyway just to congratulate you on a fantastic feature on “Patrick’s Blue Bug”. I throughly enjoyed reading your feature on this and the setting and the photos were stunning i loved them 😍, so well done Andy and thanks once again for all your time that goes into a feature like that.
    Cheers Paul Kavanagh 👍🏼

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