Let’s Go Outside: Campervan Essentials

It’s the season for packing a bag, jumping in your van and hitting the road. Whether you are dog walking or picnicking, Mountain Biking, Kite Surfing, spending a weekend fishing or taking a family holiday. Resident T5 expert Andy H talks us through his campervan essentials to make those trips just that little bit more comfortable.

Level Headed: Fiamma Level Up Kit

There’s no need to spend your weekend rolling out of bed or worry about spilling food and drink because you’ve parked up on a slope. Andy’s first choice are these tough, but lightweight levelling blocks by accessory gurus Fiamma. “I bought a van because I don’t like sleeping in tents. I want some comfort and these blocks will make things flat again in a matter of moments” he explains. “With the clever stepped design you can position your wheels at many different heights and as you can see, they even fit with my chunky tyres too. They come supplied in a handy storage bag and I keep mine under the rock and roll bed when not in use.”

Privacy and warmth: SSP Thermo Mats

Even in the summer months, the nights can get chilly, so Andy swears by fitting SSP T5 Thermo Mats whenever he goes away. “They serve a number of purposes. The insulated design keeps the warmth in, the reflective outer keeps the heat of the sun away and they are perfect if you don’t have van curtains fitted to create some much-needed privacy when getting changed etc.”

How to fit SSP Thermo Mats

Andy gives us a quick demonstration as to how simple these SSP Thermo Mats are to fit. “They come supplied with heavy duty suckers,” Andy tells us. “Simply squeeze the end together, pop it through the hole and stick to the inside of your window. When it comes to removing them, place your finger in the loop, and pull. Unlike many, these mats have an extra-strong sucker, which won’t break when you try and remove it.” As with the levelling blocks, the mats are supplied in a bag and can be stowed away whilst driving.

Ventilation recommendations: SSP Wind Deflectors

With the British weather ever-changing, the facility to funnel fresh air in without getting wet is a small luxury that Andy recommends investing in. The SSP T5 wind deflectors not only keep the rain out but also cut down on wind noise too. “These can be fitted in under 5 minutes with no mechanical skill required” Andy explains.
“They push into the seal channel and are held tightly in place with some small metal spring clips, that you push in with the tip of a small screwdriver.” We also sell T4 wind deflectors and T25 wind deflectors, too.

Somewhere to park your bike: Fiamma Bike Rack

Whilst there is space inside to store a bike or two, it doesn’t make for a nice experience for passengers sitting in the back to travel. The obvious, and most common solution is an external bike rack, and Andy has a Fiamma unit fitted on his T5. “I leave the rack on all the time, to be honest,” Andy reveals. “It folds up out the way, is pretty secure and with this design, I can still use both rear doors should I need too.”

Love the Van Lifestyle?

You might not be a die-hard camper like Andy here, but hopefully, these few suggestions will help you have a bit more fun, or a little more luxury on your next trip out in the campervan. Who knows, his tips might even encourage you to go more often. Want to pick his brains further? You can catch up with him at many different VW shows this year, and of course at our Heretics events too.

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