June's Heretics Meet: Photo Gallery

June’s meeting was a little quieter than the past two this year but was by no means a washout. Whilst the days proceeding were wet and windy, we got lucky with a dry Thursday evening, and for those who made it along it was more of the same: Cars, Bratwurst, Music and Friends.

You came to see cars?

Bringing enthusiasts together

Whilst friends often convoy along to our meeting, it’s also a great place to meet like-minded enthusiasts if you come down on your own. We’re very proud of the fact that we have introduced so many enthusiasts to each other in the past 10 years through our Heretics meet.

Keeping it clean

It’s a dog’s life…

Hang about, they’re not VWs or Porsches…

Whilst our event is squarely aimed at VW and Porsche enthusiasts, we welcome all petrol heads. This month we got to check out Heretics regular Fyse’s Datsun Laurel, fresh from its restoration and colour change. Keeping him company was another seventies saloon this time from the BMW stable, and a custom PUCH moped!

G for Golf

T time

The newer Transporters are immensely popular, and we get a great selection show up at our Heretics meet every month.


Bus Stop

Blue Corner

Thanks for coming

As always we finish with thanks to everyone who supports our Heretics meet. We hope to see you again next month – Thursday 18th July, for more of the same.


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