Mk1 Golf AGM: Photo Gallery

We went to Stratford-upon-Avon last weekend for the annual get together of the Mk1 Golf owners club. It was cloudy and a bit damp, but there was plenty of first-gen Golfs on show to make up for it.

All shapes and sizes…

Whether you turned up in a potential show winner or something rough round the edges, from street cars, track cars to rally cars, with and without a roof, with optional trunk, or pick up bed – all versions were more than welcome at this event.

3-day family fun

For the hardcore, it was a moist weekend away with above-average alcohol intake, for others a family weekend celebrating Mum and/or Dads classic hot hatch with some of the friendliest faces in the dub scene.

Enthusiasts coming together to share stories

Mk1 Golf Engine options: Spoilt for choice!

You’ll notice from the pics many of the cars have their bonnets are up. There was plenty to be proud of bolted under the hood; from tidy GTI motors through to 20V Turbo swaps, 16v upgrades, VR6 Transplants and even a 1400cc 16v Polo engine for good measure.

Life on the inside

You spend so much time sitting in your Mk1 Golf interior, so it only makes sense to treat it well. There were some beautiful retrims on display; check these out!

Don’t do this at home!

Wherever the event, there’ll always be a slighty sketchy makeshift workshop, with some mates getting down and dirty, fixing or even modifying because they just can’t wait till they get home. This show was no different…


It wasn’t just the seats, door panels and Mk1 Golf carpets that had been tickled either. A number of cars had done their boot to match, with high-end audio installs and air tanks too.

Wheel nice

Just a small selection of the Mk1 Golf wheels we spotted on show.

More cars, of course…

Judging the best

The weekend is rounded off nicely with a prize giving, rewarding not only the cars on display but members commitment to the club over the past 12 months too. Each vehicle is marked on its presentation by the club staff to ensure fairness.

Raffle and roll..

It was our pleasure to donate a couple of prizes for the raffle, including a Heritage Parts Centre gift voucher and #driveheritage T-shirts.

Thanks, and see you again next year…

Big thanks to all involved at the Mk1 Golf Owners Club for another great get together. If you would like free copies of any images, either used in this article or potentially taken on the day please get in touch.


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