Transaxles at Goodwood 2019: Gallery

Organised by Porsche Club GB the annual Transaxle Meeting at Goodwood is a lovely morning (or day if you like) out to socialise with other enthusiasts, at one of the coolest automotive destinations in the world.

Local People

Lucky for me, Goodwood is on our doorstep, only 30 minutes down the road if that. The sun was out, the car was clean and freshly MOT’d the day before: time to pick up Lee and go chat Porsche for a few hours.

Warm welcome

Whilst I have had my Porsche 944 almost a year I’ve not taken it to many marque specific events, so it was great to turn up in the ‘right vehicle’ and even get a few compliments on the ‘old girl’ too.

Gassing in Gasoline Alley

In our own private corner of the historic motor circuit close to 40 Transaxle Porsche owners congregated. A celebration of what we love about these cars which have sadly lived a little in the shadow of the Porsche 911. Every owner enthusiastic about what they have, with a tale to tell from when they bought it, or where in the world they have driven it too.

What is a Transaxle Porsche?

This event was aimed at owners of the Porsche 924, Porsche 944, Porsche 968  and the Porsche 928. We could fill a whole article about the intricacies of each model easily, needless to say, the 924 is available with 2.0/2.5ltr engine, the 944 a 2.5/2.7/3.0ltr, the 968 3.0ltr 16valve and the 928 is a V8 (4.5/4.7/5.0/5.4ltr).

Under the hood

One benefit of having lots of these cars all in one place is the opportunity for enthusiasts to sanity check things they are unsure of. Where does that Porsche part go, what is that wire for etc…

Round the back…

There are plenty of similarities at the rear of all 4 Transaxle models too, the 924 and 944 being visually the closest relation, with only the 944s wider hips giving the game away. The 968 was more than just a facelifted 944 but the smoother tail coupled with deeper bumpers was one way to bring it into the nineties. The white car is an earlier 928, but the rear lights did grow towards the end of the 80s and production of this model amazingly continued through until 1995.

Turbos and Carrera GTs…

The 924 Turbo is an appreciating classic, and commanding strong money. The homologated Carrera GT and uber-rare GTS are now sadly out of reach for most enthusiasts. Even a well-prepared tribute like the white one below would be £20k+. All are powered by a version of the 2-litre turbocharged engine, producing 168 bhp in standard trim.

The Porsche 968 Clubsport

Heading up the 968 range was the Clubsport edition. Designed for the weekend track driver, it originally featured bucket seats and half roll cage, although this grey example on display had seen them replaced with something a little comfier for road use. This particular owner traded his 993 Carrera 4 in for the 968 as he wanted a vehicle which he could feel losing grip! It is apparently more akin to the MGs he used to race and get used properly by the sounds of things!

Elsewhere at Goodwood that day…

With sprint racing on the circuit we could have hung about for hours to watch (for free) and the variety of cars competing was nothing short of impressive. As always the on-site cafe carpark offers even more of a show… What a great place!

Transaxles for the track

There were a number of Porsche taking part in the time trial event going on. Including this lightweight supercharged 924 a 911 and a handful of Boxsters.

Few more Favourites…

My morning was rounded off speaking to a perspective Porsche owner and sharing my lessons from Transaxle Porsche ownership with him. Hopefully, he’ll find a good one to suit his needs…

Big Thanks

As always we express our gratitude to the organisers, Porsche Club GB for putting on the meet, and to Goodwood who do a sterling job providing a local place for petrolheads to congregate, even if they haven’t got a special event on.




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