Following on from our trip to meet Frank Cassidy and check out his Boxengasse project, we were full of excitement for the inaugural Oilcooled event Frank and AutoFarm had planned for mid-August. A 3 part spectacular consisting of a Track Day at Silverstone’s Stowe circuit, followed by an open-air screening of LeMans on the Saturday night before a static car show set in the grounds of Boxengasse on Sunday.

The promise of sunshine

We won’t lie, arriving in a downpour on Sunday morning wasn’t the warm welcome from the weather that we had prayed for, but true to their word, the guys from AutoFarm who greeted us at the gate promised sunshine within an hour, and it arrived in half that.

Invasion of horsepower

Away from the barn conversion workshops, Boxengasse is a picture postcard of a location and the undoubted star of the scene is a beautiful lake in the middle. If it wasn’t for this invasion of horsepower you’d be expecting to see National Trust members picnicking, bird watchers with binoculars and a local artist capturing the whole thing in watercolour.

Wander into the Workshops

Both the doors to Frank’s personal Black Betty & Co collection and AutoFarm’s newly completed workshops were left wide open for enthusiasts to explore.

Precision parking

This was never going to be a ‘cars parked in a line’ type of show, but the clever use of haybales and ‘pods’ of Porsches scattered around the lawn like automotive flowers was inspired. Not only did it make a pleasant change from the ‘corridor of cars’ that you find at car shows around the country, but it affords photographers plenty of opportunities to capture the vehicles at their best.

Did somebody order an Icon?

There were a few Woah! cars parked up on the forecourt of AutoFarm. The Icon 917 was one such vehicle, considered such a faithful tribute to the original it was used by Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2018 upon their centrepiece sculpture in celebration of the 70 years of Porsche.

Racecar for the Road

Another exceptional and unusual example of the marque was a Porsche 962 road car. Lurking like some kind of bouncer for the Black Betty collection I certainly wasn’t expecting to see one of these today!

Visual Feast / Eye Banquet

Like minds…

Bringing enthusiasts together is something we at Heritage Parts Centre are big advocates of and Oilcooled drew a clientele who mingled and chatted effortlessly. Old friends reunited, new friends made. Perfect!

Watercooled Welcome

Whilst priority parking was given to Aircooled models, a decent display of water-cooled Porsche was assembled in the same flower formation.

One for the road…

Sadly we couldn’t stay forever, and with a 3 hour drive home we had to wave goodbye to Boxengasse for now.

A huge thank you to Frank and to AutoFarm for hosting this event. It was a pleasure to attend, and we can’t wait to get along to the next one. As always, if you would like free hi-res copies of any of these images, please get in touch.


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    1. Thanks, Jay – great to meet you and catch up with Barrett too.
      Will be sure to swing by next time I’m over that way.

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