Edition 38 2019: Photo Gallery

It had been a few years since I last frequented Overstone Park for Edition 38 and I’ll be honest, I was a little worried it may have slipped downhill or flung open its doors to all and sundry…

Recipe for success

The good news though is the recipe was just as I remembered and it tasted even better having had a break from it. Due to time commitments, we could only attend on Saturday – but we were far from disappointed with the quality of creations on display.

The Best of the Best

Attracting enthusiasts from across Europe and beyond, Edition 38 is still the place to be if you enjoy the water-cooled VW scene. The campsite is even littered with other marques all wanting a piece of the VW lifestyle!

Air Quality

Ever since Type 2 Detectives won Best of Show with their infamous ‘Kerb Snake’ Brasilia, a select group of Aircooled enthusiasts have chosen this over VW Action, which is held the same weekend, only 15 miles away. Whilst very much in the minority, the vintage Volkswagens are certainly well received at E38 and this is encouraging, bringing a new audience into the aircooled scene.

Slammed is still in fashion

Regardless of which corner of the VW (or Audi) Factory your vehicle emerged from, or indeed which decade it was first registered, if it had been hit by a lowering stick you were more than welcome! This retro -VIP Audi 100, proved this point perfectly.

Drum roll, please…

What looked like a slightly shabby Lofoten Green Mk1 Golf was an unexpected star of the show for me. Wearing an M registration (1974 in the UK) it had the desireable Swallow Tail rear panel, but even better, upon closer inspection showed drum brakes behind the well-seasoned steel wheels. Drum brakes were fitted for about 6 months only and I’m pretty sure they were recalled in 1975 for discs to be retrofitted – so this is super rare, and a little sketchy to drive according to owner Steve! In fact Steve confirmed this is the oldest Golf on the road in he UK, it is in unrestored condition and a very special car. He’s in two minds whether to ‘make it nice’ or leave it as it is – what do you reckon?

Brown and Out

Another car that just kept luring me in for another ‘hit’ was the Sepia Brown ’57 Oval exhibited right in front of the stage.

With a pair of detailed Porsche Fuchs wheels removed, the chassis and underside were exposed for all to enjoy. It would have looked right at home on a revolving turntable in the foyer at Volksworld Show… and this was a field in Northampton!

Just Chillin’

‘Rados and ‘Rockets

Volkswagen Coupes of all ages were in attendance and ranging from OEM+ through to balls-out custom!

Pre-Skool Cool

This little dude was proudly parked next to his Dad’s Typ19 Moredoor in his ‘colour matched’ and modded Cosy Coupe!

Bus Lane

VW Transporters of all ages were represented – Vans are cool, and only getting cooler!

Sitting Pretty

As one of the ‘featured cars’ this red Mk1 sat by the stage was off the scale cool.

Cleaning up…

Well, you want to look your best, don’t you? Check out our range of cleaning and detailing products here.

Long-time no see!

After years of chatting on the phone and supplying him with a ton of VW parts (including a decent stock of spare panels, should the car ever be in an accident) I finally met Russ Whitefield, owner and builder of C4RBD, a factory-built RHD Mk2 Jetta Coupe. This car is full to the brim with trick touches, and it’s having even more work done this winter!

In a Bay-Dream

Edition 38 was one of the first events that I clocked engine bay smoothing at, and ‘cleaning’ or ‘shaving’ of engine bays is still big news in the custom water-cooled scene. If you can lose unwanted holes, tidy wiring and make it look like the engine shouldn’t work – you’re doing it right!

Wide Arch Mk2

Low and wide Mk2 ‘race car’ was on point – crazy graphics turn heads, if you do them right!

Take a look on the inside…

If you are planning an internal makeover, you could do a lot worse than drawing inspiration from these awesome interiors. From aluminium buckets to buckets of champagne and cigars – Edition had it all!

Giving you wings (or at least a little pickup…)

This WRC themed Caddy had travelled over from Germany (Wolfsburg by the looks of the plate) to be at the show… pretty cool, eh?!

Side Show…

Do we have to go home…

Unlike many, we spent just a day, rather than 3 days and 2 nights at E38. By day it is pretty chilled out affair (but we didn’t venture into the campsite.) Sadly online videos show quite a bit of ‘tomfoolery’ after dark, which really isn’t our bag.  We’d thoroughly recommend it for your 2020 calendar, just consider a B&B or lcoal hotel if you value a good nights sleep and a clean bathroom!

Hope to see you there next year. As always, if we took photos of your car please get in touch and we’ll happily share our hi-res images.


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