With three days of sunshine forecast for the Malvern area, it didn’t take much persuading to get our guys to spend the weekend chatting all things Camper at the world’s largest VW Transporter show.

Busman’s Holiday

Mark, Chris, Simon and another Chris set off to Herefordshire in a convoy of our Tischer T25, T4, T5 and the company Crafter. Greeting them upon arrival was Andy H, who had driven up the day before for an extra-long weekend away. Here’s what they saw!

For Truck’s Sake…

There were some cool load luggers on display, including this very smart long nose Crew Cab.

Pick Up Pt2.

Home from Home

If you are one for creature comforts, a Coachbuilt campervan is what you need. With an extra-large living area bolted to the back of a bus, small luxuries such as being able to stand up, a designated sleeping area and sometimes even a shower is afforded to the occupants.

Coachbuilt continued…

Brightening up the campsite!

It was great to see so many brightly coloured campervans, especially modern Transporters out on the camping field.

Bursting with colour

What would Scooby do?

We’ve seen our fair share of Mystery Machine tributes over the years, but this was the first time we’d spotted a T5 in the classic cartoon colour scheme.

Not just buses…

There’s always a good turnout from other VW models at Busfest too.

Custom Trailer!

Check out this Mk3 Golf trailer, complete with pull-out camp kitchen!

More Buses, of course!

Syncro Celebration

Busfest always provides a great line up of Syncro model Transporters to admire, and even see performing. These once unloved 4wd commercials and camper conversions now command serious money and are a real status symbol in T3 circles.

Lifting spirits: Moving on up!

The ‘swamper’ Syncro look is big news in the world of VW buses. Getting some air between the wheel arch and tyre tread is key to this trend. Check out these examples.

Our team had a great weekend away and really enjoyed meeting so many of our customers and making new friends too. If you like VW Buses, be sure to check out Brighton Breeze on Saturday 5th October.

Hope to see you there.

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