Brighton Speed Trials are considered the oldest motorsport event in the world, dating back to 1905.  We’re lucky enough to be located ten minutes along the coast in Shoreham, so taking a trip to check it out was more than common sense. Plus there was a certain Mk1 Caddy taking part we wanted to check out!

The weird and the wonderful

From mobility scooters to McLarens, Lotus’ to Lambrettas the diversity at this event is imense.

And in the Porsche corner…

There was a nice selection taking part from the Stuttgart manufacturer and spanning several decades too. They included a Gulf inspired 986 Boxster, a GT2RS, 918 Cayman and a 928.

Ant’s Caddy

Heritage customer Ant Jones was competeing at the Speed Trials for the first time in his home-built Turbo’d VR6 Caddy.

Sporting a brand new wrap and a couple of Heritage stickers down the side (and one on the roof) he managed to record a 111 mph pass, the equivelent of high 12 second 1/4 mile. Frustrations with 2nd and 4th gear kept him from going any faster, but he still turned some heads, with a lot of drivers and spectators wanting to know what he’d done to make his ’80s pick up so quick. Stay tuned for a full feature soon.

Family affair…

Variety Show

Check out this spectrum of speed hunters. Where else would you see a collection this obscure competing against the clock over a quarter mile?

R8 it?

Two wheeled action

I don’t confess to know lots about motorbikes, but there were some pretty awesome crotch rockets there, with examples from most decades of the past 100 years.

Three wheeled action!

Paddock Pass

Watching the cars and bikes whizz along Madeira Drive is only half the fun.

Walking amongst them all in the paddock, getting up close and finding out exactly what is going on under the bonnet is just as interesting for us. Almost every vehicle has an enthusiast build story behind it.

M3 Powered Mk1 Golf

It was a great day for grey Volkswagens, check out this monster Golf Van sporting an E36 M3 floorpan, suspension, brakes, electrics, transmission and engine -bonkers!

A big thanks to the organisers and marshalls at the Brighton Speed Trials for keeping this unique event well and truely alive. If we have pictured your car or bike above, please get in touch if you would like free hi-res copies.



  1. Hi there I just happened across your website – lovely job. Secondly I just happened too across the photo of my Radio Caroline sponsored BMW 1600Ti at the Brighton do – would you mind if I borrowed this picture for Caroline promotional purposes ie: website and facebook etc?

    Best regards

    David 01568 760243

    1. Hi David, not at all, in fact, I’ll send you the hi-res original.
      Would you mind just crediting us in return.


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