Brighton Breeze 2019: Photo Gallery

Organised by the Splitscreen Van Club, the annual aircooled takeover of Madeira Drive has evolved somewhat since its inception back in the late 90s. These days the gates are open to modern cars and buses too, but the spirit of the show remains the same.

A day by the Seaside.

Heritage HQ is located 5 miles down the road from Brighton, so we’re rather spoilt with access to the beach whenever we like. For many Vee-Dub fans though, the lure of partaking in the London to Brighton run is strong and a great chance to get away from city life, and enjoy fish and chips or ice cream on the coast.

Whether you like it or not…

Thanks to its prominent position upon the seafront, Brighton Breeze gets the ‘full benefit’ of all weathers that we experience. If it rains, everyone gets soaked. If the sun is out, everyone gets burnt and it is windy most of the time! Fortunately, 2019 was one of the dry ones, and although it was far from a heatwave, Andy and Mark stayed dry manning the Heritage Parts Centre stand upon the promenade.

Meeting face to face

Events are a great opportunity for our team to meet with customers from further afield, and chat face to face, even with a vehicle on hand to help advise and demonstrate products that we offer. Both Mark and Andy took their buses to Brighton, and they were a great talking point for many enthusiasts who popped by to say hello.

Eddie Lovebus

DJ Gazman gets around, in a nice way, of course! He was having a whale of a time spinning the tunes – not sure on the glittery helmet Gary, were you expecting more than shapes to be thrown by show-goers?!!

Dubs n’ Dogs

We love to see everyone’s pets at VW shows, it just adds to the whole family vibe. They also make for great photos!

Early Start

Regardless of whether you have convoyed from London, or driven directly to Brighton from home, it’s an early start to get parked up along the coast road.

Reddy, Set Go!

Not just for buses…

VW cars of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Big and bold!

The Coachbuilt and Crafter scene is continuing to expand – and why not. They represent great value and offer a heap of extra space over their smaller siblings.

Ghia of the year…

Or at least a prize winning, super low mileage 1985 example belonging to Marc Norton. We’d have happily driven it home!

Audi V8 powered T3 Doka

Reportedly good for 140mph on his native Autobahns, Patrick Jung was rewarded with a prize for this amazing creation.

Think pink!

It may not be for everyone, but if you drive a vehicle this colour, expect to have photographs taken of it!!!

K70… WTF?

It’s not very often you stumble upon a K70 at an event,  especially in the UK.  This one, owned by Grant Enggleton of Beetlelink picked up a prize.

More to see…

Just a few snaps we took, that we felt deserved to be shared too.

It may not have been as busy as some, but Brighton Breeze (and the SSVC) put on a great day /weekend away. Not every event has a Frank Spencer impersonator greeting you as you arrive!!

Fancy it for 2020? Pencil-in the first Saturday of October and we’ll see you there!



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  1. I had 2 cars there and one of them is a winner and non of them in your photos
    Obviously not your cup of tea
    And am a good customer of yours as will
    But I had a good time with my kids and grandchildren

    1. Hi there, which vehicles were yours.
      We put together this article on a tight time deadline so may have just missed you out in our haste.

  2. Hi Andy, my beetle is in the first picture RFG142G. Is there any way I can get a copy? Don’t mind paying or a donation.
    Kind regards
    Matt Coles

    1. Hi Matt, we will happily send that picture over for you. I’ll have a check and see if there are any others we took too.
      I’ll send it using WeTransfer – lookout for a link in an email to download it.

  3. Hello again and sorry I just seen your reply and thank you for taking notice 🙂
    I was with my vw trekker and was one of the winning cars
    Happy to buy any of the photos if possible
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Farage,
      We have found a few photos from the prize ceremony of you and your car. We will happily send them over for free for you.
      Look out for an email link from WeTransfer to download them.
      Perhaps we could meet up in the Spring and take some proper pics of the car – it looks lovely.


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