All too often, a car’s cabin is left until the end of a restoration or driveway tidy-up. You’ve spent your budget on bodywork, new alloy wheels and trick suspension and forgotten all about the bit you’ll spend most of your time sitting in… The good news is you shouldn’t need to re-mortgage your house or bump off an elderly relative to get your interior into shape. There are jobs you can do yourself, and we’ve got a few neat accessories to smarten up even the crummiest of cockpits too.

Clean Sheet

Get the bin and fill it up with all the rubbish you’ve collected. Empty drinks bottles, burger wrappers and cigarette butts, chuck them all away (or recycle responsibly). Then, grab a vacuum cleaner, and a damp cloth and give it a once over. It’ll cost you an hour, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it could make – clean the glass on the inside too, especially if you often carry a canine friend with you!

Perfect patina

There’s a big push at the moment towards keeping things as they are, so before you trash your trim, chuck the carpets and sell your seats stop and think. Can you resurrect the originals and retain the historic feel inside? Sew up rips and threadbare materials to prevent them from getting any worse and add patches or repair sections using new material if necessary. We sell VW seat fabric for this very purpose!

Want a quick win for just a few quid? Swap the aged pedal rubbers out for brand new ones… They’ll look a lot nicer, and you get to use them every time you drive!

Keep it covered

If your seat material’s too far gone, fit seat covers. You can choose to keep things factory or go for a more custom look and even add a personal touch by picking a material colour to match your car’s exterior. Best of all, it’s something you can do yourself; take all the seats out of the car, carefully remove the old covers and fit the new ones in their place. If money is tight a classic Mexican blanket will cover a multitude of sins in seconds.

Sitting comfortably

It goes without saying that years of different bums sitting on your seats will have taken their toll on the padding. Reviving that ‘as new’ feel won’t be difficult though as you can buy replacement padding whatever your era of car. Remove the covers, fit the new padding underneath and it’s job done!

More care needed

Flapping door panels, missing handbrake gaiters or fittings that aren’t secured properly all add to that unloved feeling inside your car. With door panels, do the job properly by inspecting the plastic membrane behind the trim, replacing it if necessary, and ensuring that all of the door panel clips are in place to prevent the door cards from coming adrift. If your panels need recovering and you’re not fussed about keeping the OE look, how about getting creative – this bus owner has used old Beano and Dandy comics! We even sell plain wooden boards, cut to size, that are ready to cover yourself – like these for the T25.

Shagpile shenanigans

If your carpet is completely shot, or worst still missing there are a few options to consider. The first, and very much the cheapest – break out the sandpaper and a tin of paint and give the whole lot a once over. It might not be soft underfoot, but will be a little more inviting.  If a spot of luxury is in order then a replacement carpet set is for you. We sell a whole range of OE fitment VW carpets for both air and water cooled models, and they are fairly easy to install.

Find them online:  Beetle Carpet Sets. Split Carpet Sets. Bay Carpet Sets. Ghia Carpet Sets. T25 Carpet Sets. Golf Mk1 Carpet Sets. Golf Mk2 Carpet Sets. Corrado Carpet Sets. T4 Carpet Sets.

Quiet time

Before you lay a new floor, give some thought to sound deadening. Will you be taking your Classic on long journeys, is the engine noisy, do you want to be able to have a conversation with your passengers?! Our range of STP sound deadening is aimed squarely at DIY install and available in various sizes and forms depending on the type of noise or vibration you are trying to exclude. Don’t forget to do the inside of your campervan roof, it’s amazing how noisy rain can be, especially when you are trying to sleep.

Heads Up!

You might not notice it at first glance when you get in, but once you have clocked a tatty headliner you’ll never un-see it! Whether you have a suspended vinyl affair like the Beetle headliner or a more complicated covered board such as the Mk2 Golf headliner, we are able to help.

That spoils it!

Finally, why not spoil your VW with some interior accessories? Take your pick from a wide range of period-looking extras that you’ll be able to fit over the weekend, including everything from wood-rimmed steering wheels to tunnel baskets and rear window blinds. With a few carefully selected additions you’ll have your car’s cabin looking as special as the outside in no time, or at least hang a Heritage air freshener from the mirror, so it smells nice!

Hopefully, that has served up a bit of food for thought. Got any questions? Our team are on hand to help with all aspects of your interior project – give them a call, or drop us an email.


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