Last Saturday we had the pleasure of another excellent event at Goodwood Motor Circuit. This time raising funds for local Children’s Hospice, The Chestnut Tree House. It may have been a cloudy and wet day, but it was good fun all the same.

Run by enthusiasts

Now in its sixth year, the Porsche Charity Day event has raised over £60k for this good cause since it began in 2013. It is the brainchild of Porsche enthusiasts Jonathan Trees, Tony Clinch, John Rampton and Andrew Wilson and is kindly supported by Parr, promoted and managed by Porsche Club GB and marketed and photographed by VroomPhoto. (These pics were taken by our very own Lee Milner.)

A bit of rain won’t hurt…

Many owners threw caution to the rain and were rewarded by a chilled out event at one of the best locations in the country for enjoying our hobby. Understandably the weather kept a few cars at home and sadly the older classics were a little thin on the ground. Hats off to the owner of the 550 Spyder, who turned up very much exposed to the elements.

Splash on Track

For the brave and for those who booked months ago when it was warm and dry,  the track was open for business.

It started damp, but after lunchtime, the rain really set in. There was a great mixture of machines taking to the tarmac from a 924 with a 3-litre S2 swap to a host of 964s, a handful of 996s and Boxsters, plus some Caymans, GT3s and RS thrown in for good measure.

There were a few spills and close calls. This 986 was sporting evidence of a brush against a barrier somewhere on the circuit, but that didn’t stop them heading out for further laps.

Spray without delay

The rain may have got heavier, but so had the right foot on a number of drivers. With their eyes trained on the optimum line, confidence was growing and rewarding spectators with not only a visual treat but a wonderful soundtrack to match too.

He’ll get you going fast…

On hand to coach track participants on how to go quickly, safely, was professional race driver Mike Wilds. With a career that has spanned over 50 years, including competing at Le Mans 8 times, claiming twelve British sportscar titles and even starting 8 Formula One Grand Prix, he’s no stranger to the racing line, nor a Porsche for that matter – his Le Mans debut in 1981 was at the wheel of a 935.

Time to chat

If the rain brought one positive, it made everyone even more friendly. We were ‘all in this together’ and I had some great chats with numerous owners about car history, their latest purchase and how the track was treating them with such tricky conditions.

Transaxle friends…

It was great to see a handful of 924/944/968 owners in attendance, including the ‘car of the day’ winner Christopher Gavin and his recently acquired 50k mile 944 S2 (see above).

Porsches in the Paddock

Here are just a few of our favourite shots from the morning.

Photo Challenge

Hats off to Lee who managed to capture this series of shots, after me saying “you know what would look really good?” It’s fair to say it took a few attempts to get right.

Track Parade

On top of our donations to park in the paddock, an additional sum allowed drivers to partake in the group photo and the track parade. Whilst my 944 was far from the front of the grid, the experience was a good one, and a nice opportunity to get my eye in before I return on a Track Day next month. Fingers crossed for sunshine this time!

Stuck in traffic!

Sharing is caring

As ever, this is just a handful of all the photos we took on the day. Please do get in touch if you were there and would like us to send over what you have seen, or to check if we have pics of your car. We’re more than happy to forward you the hi-res images for personal use.  Thanks again to all those involved in organising this event, we had a blast.


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  1. Hi Andy, I attended the event in my new Lizard Green Porsche GT3RS Reg: 23 JCB). I can see a couple of photos of my car. If you have any more you could share that would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, Jonathan.

    1. Hi Jonathan, We took quite a few of your car as luck would have it (the colour does make it stand out in a crowd!)
      I’ll get the hi-res photos sent over with WeTransfer for you shortly. Keep an eye out for an email from We Transfer and then follow the on-screen instructions to download.
      Due to file sizes, we’d suggest doing this on a computer/ laptop rather than a phone.

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