Top Ten Creepy Car Shots

In celebration of Halloween, we’ve gathered together a handful of black & white photos from our cauldron of creativity. Many of these are previously unseen, left on the cutting room floor after our Heritage Magazine articles have gone live.  They’ve come back from the dead, so to speak…

1. The Spooky house

No ghost story is complete without a scary house, and here’s a classic – improved vastly of course, by parking a plethora of Porsches on the front lawn! Check out the full photo gallery from the Porsche Club GB meet at Borde Hill Gardens here.

2. The crazy Scientist’s laboratory

Like a backdrop from a Dr Frankenstein movie, our workshop visit to performance aircooled engine builders GAC could well be mistaken for the scene of a gruesome crime!

3. The Murderer was Wearing a mask

It doesn’t get much more sinister than a gas mask, and a VW Trekker is a pretty creepy car to be carting bodies around in. Easy to hose out afterwards too, what with the removable doors…

4. Hit and Run!

If you need to make a speedy escape and perhaps smash a few Zombies out the way, this jacked-up Bay Window complete with ‘protective’ bull bar will be perfect. We’ll see you in the Winchester guys…

5. Dark, Cobbled streets

Under a flickering street light, outside a Barbershop with a reputation, you can find Sweeny Todd’s car of choice…

6. The Ghost of a Ghia

This clever shot from our trip to Ninove earlier in the year could be mistaken for a ghoulish Ghia floating around in the middle of the picture. Of course, it’s not really, the photo was taken using the rearview mirror.

7. The wild wood

If you have to run away, beware of the wild wood… There are rumours of a beast living there.

8. Don’t go in the water!

It may look inviting, but have you not heard about the shark-monster-dragon thing who will bite your leg off if you even dip a toe in at the edge? Don’t think it won’t happen to you! Not got a Mk1 Golf Cabriolet to escape in – read our buyers guide here.

9. There are loads of them, and they are coming after you…

You round the corner to catch your breath…. But there’s 50 Porsche 914s lined up like a battalion of bad guys on the banks of Brooklands and they’re all gonna be chasing you until you can run no more.

10. Trapped in a cage

An abandoned building surrounded by barbed wire and 8ft railings… Best go inside and take a look, yeah?!

It’s ok… you can come out from behind the sofa now!


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