Porsche 996 Meeting: Photo Gallery

We like to keep our ears to the ground with regards to enthusiast events happening all over the country and the world. Where ever possible, we’ll try and get along to check them out and of course, share the photos with you afterwards. The ‘Fried Eggs at The Fairmile’ organised by Total 911 editor Lee Sibley, was one such event that popped up on our Instagram and seemed local enough to give it a visit.

Cracking start

After a wet week, Sunday morning was dry and sunny for the first of hopefully many ‘Fried Egg’ meetups. For those unaware, the egg epithet is due to the appearance of the front headlamps on the early 996 models, with their striking amber indicators resembling a British breakfast treat.

Fifty strong…

There were examples of almost every Porsche 996 model in attendance, with only a GT2 missing from the group photo – sure that’ll be easily solved next time given the popularity of this inaugural assembly.

Good crowd

The Porsche 996 offers a bit of everything to enthusiasts regardless of financial or practical requirements, and this was reflected in both the vehicles and owners who came down. It didn’t matter if you were driving a leggy ‘ten grander’ or a show winning special edition the 996 lot are a good crowd and were welcoming regardless.

The kids understand…

In 15 years time, he’ll recall how 996’s could be snapped up for less than £10,000, and how he wished he’d not spent his pocket money on Pokemon cards but instead invested wisely in the first of the water-cooled 911s. Joking aside, now is a great time to consider Porsche ownership, especially the 996 models.

Same but different

With the oldest examples now in their 3rd decade of use, there has been plenty of time for them to have been personalised and even stray,  just slightly from the original Porsche spec sheet. This makes looking around a get-together like this all the more fun, picking up inspiration and ideas for what you may or may not do in the coming months or years.

Field Trip!

It may have still been slightly damp underfoot, but The Fairmile kindly permitted parking of all the cars on the green for a celebratory snap to mark the occasion properly.

Porsche 996 Family photo…

We’ve not seen this many Porsche 996 parked all together in one place for many years; proof if ever you needed it that the 996 is certainly a much-loved model and has a great following.

Our thanks once more to The Fairmile, Lee Sibley and to all the owners who brought their vehicles along. We would be only too happy to share our photos with you, please get in touch if you were there – this is just a selection of the many shots we took.


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    1. Thanks Joseph, we’ll send you over the images we have of you car – keep an eye out for an email link from WeTransfer.
      We just ask that you credit us and tag #driveheritage if you share online or post on social media.

  1. Hello

    I was at the following event which was really good I would love to get these pictures especially as my car is in it and son.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Philippe, we’ll send them over to you with WeTransfer – you’ll get an email link to download.
      We’d just ask that you credit us and tag #driveheritage if you share online or post on social media.

  2. Hi Andy, Great pics, i was at the fried egg event and the goodwood charity meet where me car appears, silver X451 MGM, really good shots if you had any others.

    1. Hi Curtis, Fried Eggs 2 was last weekend, held at RPM Technik – sadly we couldn’t make it, but there are quite a few photos online.
      Stay tuned to Lee Sibley on Instagram for details on the next event.

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