A Porsche Christmas

As paid up members of Porsche Club GB we were invited to Bicester Heritage for their seasonal gathering ‘A Porsche Christmas’. We felt it only right to pop along and join in the festivities and of course share it with you all too.

2000 members…

Despite the wintery weather, 2000 club members landed on the ex-RAF base, piloting over 600 Porsche vehicles of all ages, models and styles to celebrate Christmas in true car enthusiast style!

Rolling in…

It’s always nice to see these vehicles on the move even if they are just moving slowly. The noise, the way the light bounces off the panels and glass and of course the changeable backdrop makes for some great pics.

Deck the 996 with boughs of holly…(and a decent set of coilovers!)

The sun was out which meant so were the cars, and whilst the hanger was an obvious attraction there was plenty to be seen parked out on the airfield – like this static-drop 996, for example.

In the hangers.

‘Indoors’ were hundreds of our favourite marque. Whether you wanted to see 356s, the latest RS models or the incredible Icon 917 it was a visual feast. Christmas shopping was possible too, with a great range of club and Porsche related goodies including a very cool Christmas jumper.

924 Turbo

The Turbo’d Transaxle models are becoming quite sought after in light of ever-increasing 911 prices. This example looked great in its Genuine Parts livery.

The Tuck Truck!

Members were invited to bring along donations for Trussell Trust, a local food bank who are helping those who need it this Christmas. Food was collected in the back of the Porsche Classic Type 25 Crew Cab.

Pass the mustard, please…

You can almost smell the ‘classic car’ aroma through your screen; this effortlessly cool 912 would look great under our tree on Christmas morning.

Pop Bang Colour

A regular at most major motoring events, the club had artist Ian Cook aka POPBANGCOLOUR working on a commission of their Type 2 Coffee Truck. Painted using model cars his work is pretty extraordinary – take a look at these action shots to see how his work unfolds.

Yeah, we would!

We might be pre-programmed to enjoy older cars, but this 991 GT3RS certainly wouldn’t be wasted on us should Santa have one going spare this year!

Frank’s RSR

As ever it was great to catch up with our friend Frank Cassidy and to check out his latest project. It seems he’s producing one every few months at the moment and these are not ‘quick drop and wheels’ builds. Can’t wait to see the next one!!

In the red corner…

Whilst the vehicles inside the hanger weren’t strictly arranged by colour, it was a nice touch to park this quartet of red P-Cars all together.

If Santa had a Porsche …

It would have to match his suit, surely. So if you’re reading this Father Christmas here are a few ideas…

Export 56 Race Car

Widebody 911 ST Race car built by Export 56 was another Christmas party centre piece and drew a crowd all day.

Hot coffee time!

Fully prepared for the chill, Porsche Club GB laid on free coffee all day and hot food was served for those needing some additional fuel to make it home.

Festive Fun and laughter

We’re not sure what they’ve spotted… but its raised a smile!

White Christmas

A quick tribute to some more cars wearing white.

Tree Fifty-Six!

You have to read that one in an Irish accent…Sorry!

Hello Yellow…

Radiating class from their citrus colour schemes, check out this seasonal mint selection of Porsche from all eras.

The gift that keeps giving

Much like the present that you can’t put down, the Porsche Club GB Christmas event excelled itself in every way. You could say it was a cracker… A big thanks to all the organising team, and Bicester Heritage for hosting. As ever, if you would like free hi-res copies of any images we took on the day please get in touch below (there are plenty more than this shortlist to be shared too).


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  1. Fantastic. !! I can’t wait for next years meeting , being new to the Porsche owners club , have you any pictures of a 930 turbo convertible anywhere ? I shall be bringing mine along next year , thanks guys ,

    Gazza πŸ₯³πŸŽ„πŸ₯‚

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