“Wouldn’t it be great to have a photo of all the cars we sell parts for, all together in one place” came the request from Heritage CEO Barney Dines. “It’s gonna be tricky” I replied. With more than 30 vehicle categories covering VW and Porsche, it was a big ask; too big in fact, but we did manage 11! Check them out below.

Newhaven Beach

Why Newhaven? Well, we wanted a location that represented our Sussex seaside roots. We didn’t want a stately home, we couldn’t afford an airport and this car park on Newhaven Beach kindly did us a deal! With views over the harbour, white cliffs and plenty of industrial charm it was just down to luck that the sun would be shining and keeping fingers crossed that I’d counted right, and booked 11 cars!

Roll Call

With so many vehicles and moments to capture, we drafted in a couple of our favourite photographers to work their magic. Heritage resident snapper Lee Milner joined us, of course, and alongside him another good friend of ours Nick Williams of NWVT. They both did a cracking job. Our thanks to all owners who cleared their diaries to make this, the first #driveheritage photoshoot. Without further ado, let’s introduce the cars…

Dave’s Beetle

We joke this could be the most famous Sea blue 1965 Beetle in the world! Dave’s our Web Designer and his beautiful bug has appeared in countless adverts and promotions for us over the past ten years.

Barney’s 997

It was a welcome outing for Barney’s Porka, and it looked great in the Sussex sun.

Dash’s T4

Heritage Handyman and Estates Manager, Dash takes his T4 away most weekends over the summer, but we managed to catch him ‘at home’ to include his red bus in our line up.

Grant’s Split Bus

There are not many custom Split Panel vans with paintwork like this! Grant uses his Bus to attend events all over the country, in fact he was driving off to another one right after the shoot.

Matt’s Karmann Ghia Cabriolet

We’ve known Matt a few years – we parked his car on our stand at Volksworld back in 2018. When we went searching for a Ghia to make the lineup, this was an obvious choice.

Kevin’s Bay Window

Sticking out for all the right reasons. Kevin’s immaculate blue Bay sat wonderfully amongst our quartet of red Transporters, and along with Vicki’s T25 waved the flag for standard ride height!

Greig’s Mk1 Golf

One of our favourite Mk1 Golf ever! We’re lucky enough to see Greig at most of our Heretics meets and his G60 16v powered GTI,  sat on 16″ BBS RS wheels always draws a crowd.

Martin’s Mk2 Golf

The perfect partner for Greig’s Mk1. Martin’s gorgeous Grey G60 Edition One is the epitome of OEM+

Vicki’s Type 25

It was lovely to catch back up with Vicki, Simon and their family after we shot ‘Rhubarb’ the bus for some advertising images a few years back.

Rob’s T5

Belonging to a friend of mine, but driven over by me, this bus almost didn’t make it as the rear glass smashed the night before! Fortunately, a roll of black gaffa tape kept the remains of the screen in place for the duration of the weekend.

Harry’s 911

After some crossed wires, I realised the night before that I’d not confirmed an aircooled Porsche for the shoot. Harry very kindly came along with just a few hours notice and really made the shoot the visual success that it was.

Wrapping it up

With time running away with us, we bagged some group shots with the ‘oil rig’ floating platform in the background and called it a day. Sadly we had lost Martin’s Mk2 by this point due to other commitments for the afternoon.

Thanks once more to everyone who took part. Stay tuned for news of another #driveheritage group photoshoot in the New Year.


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