Whilst Laurent, Indra and I spent some time in Jogjakarta we wanted to gather as much cool content from SE Asia as we could. Here is what we got up to the day after JVWF 2019.

Triple threat

We gathered together a trio of scarlet show cars and put them together to illustrate the diversity of styles enjoyed by the enthusiasts of Indonesia and SE Asia.

Mk5 Golf

There weren’t many modern water pumpers on the streets of Indonesia during our trip, which made this air bagged, Tornado Red example on 18″ OZ Futuras at the show even more special. The car belongs to Daris Abyan and is his daily driver back home in Jakarta. I’ll be honest, I can’t tell you much more than that… It’s a cool looking car that would turn heads in Europe too.

German Look 1303

Next up is a Super Beetle with real attitude. It belongs to a chap called Murfy, who also happens to be a customer of Heritage Parts Centre.

Sat on 18″ BBS Split Rims this German Looker juxtaposes the bright red with black, grey and carbon to perfection, and I would have happily driven this one home. It arrived on a trailer, will go back on a trailer and won’t see much street action due to such heavy traffic in the Capital.

Soulful Ghia

The last of our trio is a Karmann Ghia belonging to Tole who works as Project Manager at Classic Hans Room. It’s being driven here by Indra.

As stockists of Heritage Parts in Indonesia, it will come as no surprise that this car has a wealth of our parts fitted. Including but not limited to SSP Polished Fooks, stainless steel bumpers, Karmann Ghia body trim, 2″ narrowed front beam, frame head and a host of  Karmann Ghia body repair panels.

Head to head

In the heat of the day, two aircooled classics sit head to head. They might have followed different paths with regards to style but they complement one another.

Hang on… that’s orange

With the opportunity to snap the Classic Hans Room build double cab, we had to include it, even it was the wrong colour, plus it gave us a nice reason for a group shot too.

Thanks for having us

A big thanks to everyone who made us feel so welcome in Indonesia, including the owners of the cars above, who were only too happy to hang around and let us take photos. Stay tuned for more cool content from our trip coming soon!


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