Ultimate Dubs 2020 happened just at the right time this year. It managed to dodge the downpours and storms that have plagued the UK for the past month and snuck through the net prior to most big events announcing their cancellation due to the potential spread of Coronavirus.

Feeling old!

If you are fresh into the VW lifestyle, then this indoor show might be a new one on you. For me, I first attended in 2009 and whilst I hadn’t been for a few years I was full of excitement to see what had been created and tweaked since my last visit.

Suprise star of the show

Built on the quiet by notjustcampers it was only when their grey Audi 100 coupe arrived at the show on Saturday that the internet lit up with how awesome this build was. It scooped Best of Show, deservedly so, and drew us back time and again to check out additional details.

More of the others…

I think the biggest difference was the diversity of the vehicles on display, both inside and out. For me personally this show is no longer just Ultimate Dubs and whilst I’m more than happy to appreciate a modified Porsche, and even accept that aircooled VWs and Audis (SEATS and Skodas too) want to be included in this show, I’m really not interested in the other stuff.

Check out what this switch does…

Max from EVA Restoration was debuting his Air-ride Notchback, it looked awesome sat on the New Beetle ‘Heritage’ alloy wheels.

Kids Corner!

Being a parent, I bend my ‘Dubs only’ rule for the awesome display of Cozy Coupes and other kiddies ride-on cars.

Transfer window…

Stickers will never go out of fashion, and there were decals to echo all tastes and styles.

The rise of the Van

Modified VW Vans are a massive scene in themselves, so it was completely understandable that plenty were on display at the Telford International Centre. Recalling my first trip over a decade ago, pretty much every van was in the hotel carpark or hidden behind a gazebo – now they are the stars themselves!

Mk1 Mayhem!

The first-generation Golf has never been cooler, and brilliantly both the custom and OEM+ scene are full of great examples.

This orange Cabriolet made its show debut, and was full of bespoke details including a custom dash, split-rim steel wheels and fully shaved flanks, including the upper swage line.

Clean sweep

Polish, sprays, soaps and all the rest… Detailing is very much here to stay.

Sticking a boot in…

There was a decent range of retro ‘booted dubs’ on display, including the Fast and Furious VW Jetta (or Vento for us Europeans!) and a B3 Passat estate with a cool DHL livery.

Decked Chairs…

Tired from too much walking? Lower yourself into a deck chair and kick back for a while with mates!

Remember Russ?

It was good to catch up with Russ Whitefield, who we met up with late last year. He not only had his cool as heck Jetta Coupe, but also a recent addition to his collection – last years best of show winning Mk3 Golf, which true to form he’s already tickled some more.

New Beetle Pick Up

No, your eyes don’t deceive you, this is another crazy custom creation from Jo’s Fab Lab and features complete BMW underpinnings.

Air we go…

If you like your VWs with the engine in the back and the sills scraping the ground then you’ll enjoy this selection of aircooled metal including the Green Rayvern built Type 3 Notchback that we saw up at Ray’s place a few months back.

Second Gen goodness

Fans of the Mk2 Golf were far from disappointed with the quality of show cars in attendance. Here’s just a taster.

Ultimate Dubs also includes an area to showcase original and Concours condition cars and this fully restored Oak Green 16v was a fine example, complete with photo albums showing every part of the cars journey. Of course, there were modified examples left, right and centre too.

1 for the road

Porsche a Plenty

Hide and Seek!

This Polo 2F (with Mk2 Dash swap) had a real classy cabin which had clearly benefited from a couple of tan coloured cow-coats.

Take 3…

Buy a Mk3 Golf now before the prices jump and all the good ones disappear – this quartet (and our Mk3 Golf buying guide) should help make your mind up!

Call the Feds!

Bay Dream Believers

Just some of the awesomeness that was hiding beneath the hoods of the show cars at UD2020

And that was that…

So until the next show (with a number of events already postponed or cancelled), we hope this selection of image assists with delivering your modified VW fix. As always if you would like free, hi-res copies of any of the images we have used please do get in touch.


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