#onlineshownshine: Photo Gallery

With half the world on lockdown and all group gatherings off the table for the foreseeable future, we took things into our own hands and held the first-ever Heritage Online Show ‘n Shine.

Hundreds get a hit

We obviously weren’t the only enthusiasts needing a hit as we were inundated with hundreds of entries, making judging tricky to say the least. However, we managed to pick our Top 5 winners and then, although not in the initial plan a further ten vehicles for our social media followers to vote upon for the People’s Choice.

Voting criteria

How did we pick the winners? Photography clearly plays its part in portraying a vehicle in its best light when it comes to a virtual car show like this. Owners who took the effort to tell us more about their cars and had stories attached to them have been recognised. We’ve also considered the events that have been cancelled recently and the likelihood of a vehicle taking a prize if it was to have been on display in real life.

Top 5 Winner – Lee’s Razor Edge Cabriolet

One benefit of an online car show is having participants from all over the world take part, bringing vehicles you’d never dream of seeing in the flesh. Lee who lives in San Diego, brought along his gorgeous Ruby Red Type 34 Cabriolet. It has been built as a replica of the 1961 Frankfurt car (rather than one of 15 originals, of which only six survive) but that takes nothing from its beauty.

Sourced in 1999, the car had sat outside in amongst a collection of others for 28 years before Lee bought it. Everything was complete and upon inspection the VIN revealed it to be a very early 1962 car. It had never been in an accident and there was hardly any rust to speak off.

Of course, at the time it still had a roof but this was removed as Lee already had a Type 34 coupe. (Since then he has sourced 2 more including the oldest surviving example in the world.) He has added the required strengthening back into the chassis and also had a removable hardtop made from the leftovers, should it ever be required. Build photos and further info can be found here.

Top 5 Winner – Ian’s Beetle

Ian Bank’s Beetle has ‘show car’ written all over it, and was a very popular entrant in our Online Show ‘n Shine. The story behind this car is best told by Ian. “I have built this as a tribute to my good friend Clive, who ran the Old Dub Shop and sadly passed away in 2013. This ’58 was one of his own cars, and I have built it into the car we dreamt of building back in the 90s.”

The car features hydraulic suspension, a one-off interior by Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers, suicide doors with no handles and hidden hinges and all topped off with body and paintwork by Chris at Unit49.

Ian is quick to point out his plans to drive this car “The only time this car will see a trailer is if the AA are towing it.”

Top 5 Winner – Graeme’s Bay Window

Originally belonging to his parents, Graeme has travelled in this Bay Bus since he was 3 years old. “Vicky, as we call her, was purchased on the 19th October 1989 for £4000, just before my sister, Claire was born.” He tells us.

The bus provided 9 years of family holidays including Christchurch in Dorset to Stranraer in Scotland to visit family as its maiden voyage, before being laid up for a rest. “It was in the summer of 2011 that we re-opened the garage doors and decided to carry out a bare metal restoration. All the running gear was shot blasted and powder coated, the upholstery and the units were replaced and the engine finally overhauled and fitted in 2017. The bus passed its first MOT in 23 years in July 2018. ”

Completing the story in real style Graeme reveals “Vicky was used as Claire’s Wedding car in June 2019, and in October 2019 my partner and I had a baby boy who will be the next owner.”

Photos kindly supplied by @vwphotographer

Top 5 Winner – Sam’s Polo

This Mk2 Polo Parade has been one of the best cars I’ve owned, says Sam Harris, who has been the lucky custodian of this classic coupe for the past 8 years. “I learnt to drive in it, it was my first car and I’ve had it ever since.” He tells us.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the exterior has seen the inside of a spray booth in its lifetime, but Sam confirms that the Tornado Red paintwork is all original and it has remained as VW applied it 60,000 miles ago. Inside and out the car is as per the brochure, from colour-coded bumpers through to the period Panasonic radio cassette.

What a great example. Congratulations on making up our Top 5 Sam.

Top 5 Winner – Ian’s 911 ST

With its race livery, roll cage, bucket seats and bright Conda Green paintwork Ian Harris’s 911 ST homage really caught our judges’ eyes.

Ian tells us more “The car started life as a 1971 911T, before undergoing this transformation by DSD Motorwerks. There were only ever 25 ST models made by Porsche making this style even more exclusive than the much-heralded Carrera RS. Interestingly the reason for running different wheels front and back was because there wasn’t a 9″ wide Fuchs wheel available at the time.”

Making sure there’s a suitable bark to back up the race car looks there is a track-ready 2.8 Twin Spark engine out back producing 265bhp, which considering its 960kg kerb weight makes for some exciting driving!

Picking the People’s Choice

Rounding up our Online Show ‘n Shine is the winner of our People’s choice award. From a shortlist of ten, fans of our Facebook and Instagram voted with their fingers and chose Tom Pollard’s Beetle as their favourite.

The subject of a 6 year restoration, Tom’s 1972 Beetle definitely looks the part but it was the story behind it that really impressed us and made us put it forward. We’ll let him explain it in his own words. “In 1982 my Dad sold this very car having only owned it for a few years. I was aged 9 then and had spent many trips travelling in the back, often behind the back seat, as there were no seat belts back then.”

“I was sad when he sold it, but it left a lasting impression on me and when I was old enough to get my first car, it had to be a Beetle. In fact my first 5 cars were Beetles. After a long time out of the scene, I started looking for another and stumbled across my Dads old car ‘ERDL’ on eBay. I bid on it and won it. It was a basket case and needed a full body-off restoration but after 6 years I finished it. I know it’s not the most desirable model, but it now sits proudly alongside my ’61 Split and ’72 Ghia.”

Should we do it all again?!

Although it proved really hard to pick just 5 winners, we got a real buzz from bringing so many people together and providing a place to show off your projects and show cars alike. It would appear that you are keen to do it again, so stay tuned to our Social Media feeds for the necessary details in the coming weeks.


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