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While the world is still on lockdown and shows are still cancelled we decided to host another Heritage Online Show ‘n Shine competition! Our first, hosted back in March, proved very popular with hundreds of entries so we were thrilled to see Round Two be just as successful!


Round Two of our Online Show ‘n Shine competition saw hundreds of entries flooding in from across the globe. We were spoilt for choice with an array of Beetles, Golfs, Jettas, Bays, Splits, Vans, Karmann Ghias, Porsches, Polos, Corrados and even the odd Beetle Pick Up and Baja Bug!


With so many awesome entries our judges had quite the task. Each judge had a look through the Show ‘n Shine posts and chose their shortlist based on a variety of things. Each judge took into account the photography, the description provided with each vehicle, such as its background or modifications etc, and the likelihood of each entry winning in a real life show.

Top Five Winner – Nick Hartland’s Mk2 Golf

Nick has owned his 16V Mk2 Golf for 5 years and says that his Dad got him into cars.

“The body work was very tidy when I bought it but it had all sorts of running issues. I’ve slowly fixed all the niggles and imperfections during my ownership and it now drives like a different car. Still slowly working on various bits and pieces with the goal of a pristine OEM+ 16v”

Nick has accomplished quite the list of modifications including; BBS RA 254’s (15×7), KW V1 Coilovers, Custom OE look stainless exhaust system, Gas ’n Gears uprated gear linkages , Front End polybushed, Italvolanti 16v steering wheel, Set of 4 Digifiz Mini Gauges, Original Gamma II headhunt with stealth Bluetooth system, Focal 2-way component speakers, Fischer centre console tape box and various other OEM+ touches. Phew!!

@mk2cuc on Instagram is where to visit if you want to follow this Golf’s journey!

Top Five Winner – Scott and Sophie’s T3

Scott and Sophie have owned their 1985 blue and white twin slider T3 (affectionately named Larry) for about a year.

“We bought him off a guy in Kettering called Andy who had done a lot of work on the van. He was in pretty good condition and since then we’ve just been trying to improve him and get him to as good condition as possible so that he will last for many years to come. We’ve mainly just been doing bits and pieces like replacing fuel lines, restoring bumpers, grilles and components, fuel pumps etc just to keep him on the road, restoring and replacing door handles, window rubbers etc etc. Pretty much everything!”

Scott and Sophie are planning on building a row of cabinets behind the front seats this year with a small kitchen setup and some added storage. They have a lower South African grille on the cards for Larry alongside an adjustment to the rear storage so that it becomes a pull out drawer and table. They also intend on repairing some small rust and paint issues as well as putting some bigger tubs in the front and replacing dampers to give some more wheel clearance on the front.

Checkout @scottien on Instagram for more about this T3!

Top Five Winner – Lee Belcher’s Beetle

Lee has owned his 1973 Beetle since the Summer of 2017 and although the previous owner had already done some of the work, Lee has since been putting his own stamp on her. Here’s a rundown:

Engine: 1641 with twin Weber ICT, CB performance inlet manifolds and linkage. Tri-Mil exhaust system.

Front End: Limebug 4 inch narrowed Jawbreaker beam running air shocks – helps to get on and off the driveway! Sawtooth skid plate to help protect it all from Devon’s roads!

Rear End: Adjustable spring plates with 2 inch rise and gas slammer dampers from Limebug.

Wheels: Flat4 Fuchs running staggered tyres.

Interior: Bernard Newbury interior – done by the man himself! US spec high back seats, EMPI GT steering wheel and Flat4 rose wood finishing touches to match. A Retrosounds radio driving a pair of FLI speakers and amp, built into a custom rear parcelshelf to keep the tunes flowing!

Body: Early style bonnet and slopers fitted for that 60’s Beetle look. EMPI eyelid decklid with adjustable standoff brackets from Eva Resto. One piece windows, blade bumpers and Porsche 911 head lights.

Follow @belchie35 on Instagram for more about this Bug!

Top Five Winner – Jon Dryer’s Porsche 944

Jon built a Polo up to a show car and owned it for many years, one day the garage that he used said to him “you can’t keep this Polo forever, what’s the next car?” His response was that he had always liked the look of the Porsche 944, they said ” oh like Dave’s” …. “who’s Dave?” . Turns out Dave lived in Jon’s village and was moving to Spain, so he offered up the car at a don’t try and haggle price!

“I have now owned (Georgie) for 5 years and started collecting parts slowly since then, ready for it all to go on when the respray comes… turns out a good amount of welding was needed and new sills.”

Georgie has GAZ coilovers with dampers and 18″ Tramont splitrim 3 piece split rims with Bridgestone tyres which are soon to re replaced with 17″ autostradas after they are fully rebuilt. She is also sporting a Dansk center back exhaust, powder coated front and rear arb, multiple new body panels, big bolster sport seats in Burgandy with Porsche script and has been resprayed in garnet metallic red.

There is still a lot more than Jon intends to do to this gorgeous Porsche 944, so follow @jondryer on Instagram to keep up with the build.

Top Five Winner – Ulf Bergvik’s Karmann Ghia

Ulf’s gorgeous 1960 VW Karmann Ghia Coupé was just one of our Ghia’s sold in Sweden that year!

More information coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Peoples Choice Winner – Martin Well’s Jetta

Martin (@wellchuffedmedia on Instagram) has owned this stunning 90’s Jetta for 7 years. He used to own an Audi A4 special edition Avant that he claims was cursed! After having lots of trouble with it he sold the Audi and bought his wife something reliable, with a small pot leftover Martin decided he wanted to go more old school. With no luck finding a Golf GTI that ticked all the boxes a friend of a friend had this Jetta for sale…one drive later and Martin was hooked. Used as a daily driver for 3 years the Jetta was then given a full restoration and made purely into a show car.

“I’ve completely rebuilt the engine from scratch, everything stripped reworked painted or powder coated (lots of bits from you guys at Heritage) with seals and gaskets and nuts and bolts. Had the gearbox completely rebuilt by a professional too. Its recently had a bare metal respray in original tornado red and any rot was cut out and replaced. This included new rear arches inner and outer (from Heritage) 1 and a half sills, front window frame repair section, rear turret drivers side and the fuel filler neck support. Lowered on coilovers (for now), stainless exhaust from longlife exhausts, rear window louvre from autoplas (rare) , US Spec rear tub, BBS RS reworked by Rimscarnated and powdered chrome. Custom Billet hex nuts.”

Woah… that is quite a chunk of restoration work! Martin also wanted to give a special shoutout to the bodyshop that did the Jetta’s full respray – K.P Garage and Body Shop (@kpgarageandbodyshop on Instagram) and also the guys who brought the RS back to life @rimscarnated.


We have yet to decide whether or not we will host a Round Three of the Online Show ‘n Shine Competition – but definitely keep your eyes peeled on our social media to find out!!

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