10 Classic Camping Games

We’re more than aware that many Campervans have big TVs and games consoles fitted these days, but if you are a looking for a family camping experience more akin to your childhood, let us make a few suggestions for some classic camping games.

In the old days…

Nostalgia can be fun for everyone, as we know Goodwood Revival pulls it off perfectly.  We think spending a few nights out under the stars with some good old fashioned entertainment offers something that even the biggest TV would struggle to compete with.

The charm of classic games

Just as you would have loved to hear old stories from your grandparents when you were a kid, your children will also buy into the charm of hearing about how things were when you grew up. You may already do this – but if you don’t, give it a go! The rules for this list: No screens and no plugs.

1. Let’s start with a game of frisbee.

You’ll need a big clear space. Avoid playing near trees, they can ruin things quickly and watch out for guy ropes and hidden pegs in the ground. Frisbees can be bought for a matter of pounds and are a great toy to leave in your camper van, or with your camping kit for next time you go away. Check out other essentials to keep in your campervan here.

2. Hit, miss, sink…

After an energetic start, what better way to enjoy snack time and test your brainpower than hypothetically bombing a Navy! Battleships is a classic 2 person game and can be played on paper if you don’t have a physical version of it.

3. Scatch!

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s you’ll probably remember playing this neon coloured velcro catching game. A ‘modern’ take on the baseball mitt and ball, each player had a velcro covered paddle attached to their hand and you would throw the ball between you and try to make it stick. You may also recall the joy of weeding out dried grass from the velcro to make it sticky again!

4. Water fight!

Water pistols were a staple of my childhood and we never packed up our caravan without them. If the sun is shining then why not load up the super soakers and chase each other around a field or your pitch. Please take care to not spray other campers, they might not enjoy the game quite so much!

5. Scavenger hunt

A walk in the countryside goes hand in hand with the camping experience. Why not set the kids some tasks to complete while you’re out. Finding a feather, a stick that looks like a man, a stone with a hole in it etc. This follows nicely into our next suggestion.

6. Stacking stones

Armed with your haul of natural artefacts you could embrace your inner artist and try a spot of rock balancing. Much like building a house of cards, it takes patience, luck and the right stones in the right place. Fortunately, it is less affected by the wind, so can be undertaken out in the sunshine.

7. Connect 4

An all-time classic game, and perfectly suited to the short attention span that many of us have. You’ll need to have pre-bought the game really, although if you got creative with a ruler and some felt tips you could still enjoy the concept on paper. Play the best of 3; winner cooks dinner?!

8. Time for a drink?!

If you are camping as a group of adults then Beer Pong could be the perfect excuse to open the camping fridge, grab some tinnies and pour a couple of shots. In short, you take it in turns to try and get a ball into a series of cups at the opposite end of a table to you – if you succeed your opponent drinks the cup.

9. Bop It!

The only toy or game with batteries in our list, but it does comply with the ‘no screen, no plug rule’. A test of coordination and concentration you are required to pull, twist, bash and spin different corners of this battery-powered children’s toy until you get one wrong. Genuine fun for all the family and pretty addictive!

10. Bogies!

Originating on children’s TV show Dick and Dom in da Bungalow, this is a fun (but noisy) game to play. You start by whispering the word bogies, each taking it in turns to say it louder until it becomes a shout and a scream. Extra points if someone else who isn’t in your camping party joins in! Want to make sure you sleep doesn’t get disturbed by noisy campers playing bogies? Check out our StP Sound-deadening range here.

I don’t know about you but I’m crying out for a campsite, a chilled cider, a BBQ and a chat around a fire until the small hours. For now, we can only dream although the fantastic Great British Camp-Out comes close to recreating the magic from the safety of your garden or driveway.

Happy Camping!


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