Heritage Customer scoops eggscellent Easter prize!

In celebration of everyone’s favourite chocolate-coated festival, we hid a bunch of ‘Easter Eggs’ across our new website and asked each Heritage customer to try and find them.

The big egg!

Those with a keen eye for eggs were rewarded with the chance to win £250 off their most recent Heritage order by answering a couple of quick questions about themselves. The lucky recipient of this bonus prize was Stuart Earthy, an Aviation Project Engineer from Chelmsford in Essex, who spends his days designing and developing crew seats for airlines.

Bus Driver…

Previously piloting a Type 25 that he had rebuilt himself, Stuart and his partner Jo, chopped in the Wedge for something with a pop-top back in April 2019 to create more space for camping trips with their 3-year-old daughter. “We weren’t specifically looking for a Bay Window as the T25 had served us well, but this bus happened to turn up at the right time, right place, right money, with a functioning camper interior that suited our needs, and could be used straight away,” Stuart told us.

4 berth is better

Originally a Devon conversion many years ago, it was the full-length Moonraker roof that attracted them to this particular bus. With a set of 17″ SSP Fooks wheels bolted on, Stuart has added a 4″ narrowed beam, a pair of dropped spindles and adjustable rear spring plates to get the stance just right for him.

What’s next?

The 1600cc aircooled engine is destined for a day or two on the bench while Stuart replaces the cooling flaps and refreshes the thermostat. Stuart also has a brand new Vintage Speed exhaust we supplied to take care of the smokey stuff out-back.

Post-Lockdown Paintwork

Once the world returns to normal this 1972 Crossover Bus will be attending a local body shop for a tidy up and then out into the wild for family camping trips as it was originally intended.

We had to ask…

Being enthusiasts we had to ask if Stuart had any other VWs (or Porsches) in his life, and surprise, surprise he does! He has also been the proud owner of ’69 Beetle for the past 23 years; in fact, it is his second-ever car, his first being a 1973 Beetle that got rear-ended and written off.  This classy Cal Looker was built in his parent’s garage with help from his Dad. VW scene legends Paintbox took good care of the body and paint for him and it was even featured in the much-missed Ultra VW magazine, back in 2009.

One more!

This stunning ’61 Ghia has also belonged to Jo and Stuart for the last 17 years. It’s another DIY restoration which spanned a house move, and this time around saw Stuart apply the paint – in a garage at home, using lots of plastic sheeting, some heaters, a borrowed compressor and plenty of advice from a mate who was a pro. It certianly looks great from where we are standing.

Our congratulations once more to Stuart and his family for winning our competition and we look forward to meeting up properly at a show or campsite when this is all over!


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