It has been 5 months since we attended a ‘proper’ car show and it felt great to be out at an event and surrounded by amazing cars and suitably distanced enthusiasts once more. This was Oilcooled 20 at Boxengasse, let us show you around.

What is the Oilcooled 20 show all about?

Held at Boxengasse in Bicester (the back garden of Porsche collector Frank Cassidy) Oilcooled 20 was the second annual celebration of Porsche, with the added visual benefit of 360 degrees Oxfordshire countryside, pretty much everywhere you look.

Air before water

Led by Frank’s own preference for the older aircooled Porsche vehicles. The majority of the show was populated with pre’98 911s, but drivers with watercooled examples like the Porsche 996 and 997, and other owners with models of the mid and front engine variety were made to feel welcome too.

Lakeside Lovelies

You wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a Porsche 964 Cup racer basking on the banks of an English countryside lake, but somehow this juxtaposition of beauty and beast worked perfectly.

Open House

With strict precautions in place, visitors were invited inside Franks personal workshop to check out his ‘Black Betty’ collection up close. Playing piggy in the middle was the bright green Paragon RSR race car, belonging to Mark Sumpter.

Down on the farm

Likewise, fellow Boxengasse residents, Auto Farm opened their workshops for exploring. Their team were on hand to answer questions and entertain any potential customer enquiries, and their impressive workspace certainly encourages you to book your beloved in for some attention.

Sold Out Porsche Garden Party

Tickets to Oilcooled 20 were, due to Covid-19 restrictions, sold strictly in advance. Cars were arriving from pretty early on Sunday morning to park up in the grounds of Boxengasse; four Guards Red cars all in one place –  a happy accident, rather than consciously curated.

Catching up with friends

After a slow start to the year, Oilcooled was ‘catch up central’ for friends who had only commented on each other’s social media posts up until now. The same was true for both Chris and Basil, who had great conversation with customers and representatives from RUF, Paragon, and Paul Baker Custom Metalworks, to name but a few. For those itching to get the next bit for their project, Porsche parts could have been ordered at the show, we had a limited edition 911 Turbo poster for enthusiasts to pick up too.

Let’s mention Magnus…

If you are reading this, you have probably heard the name Magnus Walker, even if you are unable to put his bearded face to the name. Two cars on show at Oilcooled 20 were closely connected to the Sheffield born Porsche Preacher. Firstly the white Martini 911 Turbo. This was exactly the same as the car that Magnus, as a ten-year-old boy, saw in 1977 at the Earls Court Motorshow. He often talks about how it started his love for the Stuttgart brand.

Secondly was the white with the blue striped bonnet, ‘STR II’ which was built by Magnus Walker as his own personal car. It featured, whilst in his ownership, on various TV programmes, magazine covers and numerous online articles. Both vehicles, as it happens now belong to the same UK collector and you’ll be pleased to hear they get used as intended.

Safe success…

Clearly Frank and his team had been very busy implementing the necessary arrangements to allow Oilcooled to go-ahead. As show sponsor and trader we had to submit a detailed risk assessment explaining our strategy to ensure we played our part keeping show-goers safe. Hopefully, encouraged by their determination other show organisers will find a way to stage their events too, with the same safe success as Oilcooled 2020.

RS Appreciation Society

This ’73 RS finished in what we think is ‘Chartreuse’ was certainly a crowd favourite from the day. A bold colour choice that looked great with the yellow 911 headlamps and the contrasting black graphics, it screams seventies cool.

Stars of Track and Field…

Whether it was this 911 race car in its LeMans Tribute livery or the jaw-dropping, road-legal Icon 917 if purposeful Porsches are your bag these two fitted the bill perfectly.

The gift that keeps giving

Aircooled Porsche of all styles, ages and colours sat around the beautiful Boxengasse lake. Each one with a story to be told and competing for another frame from your digital camera. Just like VW Beetle parts evolved over time, the 911 changed subtly over the years and with the cars parked alongside other it easily highlights how visible Porsche parts changed between 911, G series, 964 and 993.

Home time…

The good stuff didn’t even stop after the show closed. We had the pleasure of catching a few show-goers, including the Paragon convoy returning home to Sussex.

A big thanks to everyone who came to see us including Photographer and Podcaster Sam Moores for taking the time to chat on the mic with Chris about Heritage Parts Centre. Finally our thanks to Frank for persevering and making this the most welcome celebration of car culture we could have asked for.

Andy / Chris

Additional photos kindly supplied by Mark Thompson

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